The project explores architecture as a contested territory where not only the term ‘architecture’ is contested (architecture as product, process, program, prophet or profession) but also ‘the field of architecture’ is a battleground in which contestation is commonplace between actors. As a theme, ”contested territories” therefore  covers a range of areas, both physical and conceptual, where new possibilities and meanings can be born from struggle.

The etymology of the terms ‘contested’ and ‘territory’ suggests various interpretations; “contested” can induce feelings of conflict and dispute but it can also refer to acts of questioning and doubting as well as “to call to witness and bring action”. Although “territory” literally means an “earth place” embedded within the term is also a sense of domain and area of concern.

This page is to be a growing list of conflict terminologies with their multiple meanings and in honour of contested territories will be challenged throughout the project.

An Agenda for Peace (UN)
Peace Process
Peace Agreement
Peace Operations
Positive Peace
Negative Peace
Conflict Management
Conflict Transformation
Conflict Resolution
Conflict Settlement
Inter-state conflict


Interface – 

i. (in the context of Belfast & Northern Ireland) An Interface means a shared, contentious and sometimes violently contested boundary line, which can be physical and/or mental, between predominantly Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist and predominantly Catholic/Nationalist/Republican urban neighbourhoods in Northern Ireland.

ii. (in the context of professional practice) An interface can mean where two or more disciplines or professional systems meet, collide, interact and potentially collaborate.


Intra-state conflict


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