Gates – the model that time forgot

Forgotten model of North Belfast control-gate. Located at top-end of the Cupar Way peacewall/interface at the junction between the gated Workman Avenue and Springfield Road. Photographs serendipitously re-found after reading about Richhill’s attempts to reclaim its gates from Hillsborough Castle.

Beyond the calls for their removal, how could these gates be reclaimed for other uses beyond segregation? Would anyone want to reclaim them? What else, other than a visual-art canvas, could these existing infrastructures offer? One possibility may lie in the final photograph below – a splash of humour perhaps…

DSCN0157 DSCN0159 DSCN0160

PW_02 (158) PW_02 (164) PW_02 (162) PW_02 (268) hen_parties_army_vehicle_poster

(Model and photographs from Studio 2 – Strategies of Transition, University of Sheffield, 2005 and lost a few months later)


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